The Spire



A few ideas for the Spire, a city at the end of the world. 


WIPs of the Forrest

Some WIPs of the Path through the Forrest. Combining old sketches and giving them a new life. ImageImageImage

Walk through the Forrest


More Intrusion

Here are the initial sketches for the Intrusion cover. Playing around with some ideas, thinking how to use the front and back while still keeping the whole and the partial image interesting. 


Intrusion Cover

For the last few months I’ve been busy for a CD-cover. It has been a tough struggle. After 3 preliminary sketches I started with the one that was chosen. At first I thought it would be the easiest sketch, but boy was I wrong. Damn my perfectionism! At least 4 times I started from scratch, after working on the paintings for several hours.

This taught me a lot. I need to stop working in detail until the bigger picture is good, but I like to zoom in and work for hours on details that can’t be seen. The painting might look dark on your screen, I believe that my screen is way too bright.

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Some sketches for Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

The bigger picture of chapter 1. A rough sketch which made the way around the first chapter much clearer for myself. More explanation will follow.